Rice Cookers Brands

What meal seems easier to make than a yummy bowl of warm rice right? Wrong! It isn’t always that simple is it. It seems if you add in too much water,or too little, or if the rice is a particular type, or if you leave it to ook for too long, or too short, that rice becomes a gross meal that can be difficult to swallow.it’s never been as simple as just boiling it has it!

Well thank God for the person who invented rice cookers right!

There are plenty of rice cookers available in the market now. A wide variety at different prices and for different capacity with all varied number of features.

But it isn’t always a guarantee that this will solve your problem either. Cooking the perfect rice can feel a little like chasing after the wind! It may seem like it is very elusive. You’ve gone out and bought yourelf a fabulous rice cooker. No more stress, no more counting ( or miscounting) the number of cups of water, just sit back relax and let the machine do the working!

A few rice cooker reviews however have shown that not everyone is satisfied with their rice cookers.

Some have faulted even the best rice cookers for different things such as loosing the flavor of the rice,over cooking the rice and more.

But don’t give up just yet. That perfect rice that will leave your guests singing your praises is attainable. It’s really very simple. You have to invest in a great rice cooker, in the best rice cooker brand! This is one meal that many homes will eat two,three or more times in a week.

You need to Get one that

Can Cook any type of rice,

Cook quantities that work for your needs

Allows you to multitask so Can turn off automatically. (Great for hosting!)

Last you many years even with frequent use.

One brand that has received numerous reviews for this and more is the the Zojirushi rice cooker. Though known to be a bit more pricey, it has proven worth every penny.

Several rice cooker reviews have proven this brand to be in a class of it’s own. It has special features that

Keep your rice warm without over cooking it,

Has a non stick pot,so no scraping after cooking your rice.

Maintains the flavor of the rice no matter the type of rice.